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What Do Career Coaches Do?

Are you considering hiring a Career Coach? It can be really daunting to find a Coach, especially when you haven't experienced coaching before or don't know what Career Coaches do or what to expect.


So what is Career Coaching?

When I speak to potential clients in their initial consultation, often people don't know what coaching really is... but their friend/family member/partner had heard about it and thought it would be good for them at this point in their career or lives.

Also the International Coach Federation (which is the professional body I am accredited by), often writes blogs about how our future clients may not have heard of coaching as a profession or have no real idea what coaches do, so I thought I would try to demystify this today...

... and then I thought - I often find it really hard to put into words why coaching is so amazing. When I am being coached it's like an internal journey, you put yourself in someone else's soft and capable hands, and at the end of it, you are changed in some way (and often not in the way you were expecting).

Coaching is holistic, it's client-focused, goal-oriented, and requires a commitment to look at yourself without a filter and to connect with your true-self more.

As coaches, we try to say very little as it's our full presence and deep listening that creates the shift in clients - we listen with our whole bodies, intuition, and all our senses.

We look for congruence, authentic behavior, and actions and we raise what's not being said; it's detective work in a way.

What is the primary ethos of Career Coaching?

Pure empathy and 100% no judgment.

I create a safe space where I accept (and love) my client for who they are fully and in turn help them accept and love themselves more fully.

It's not about living your best life but it is about living a life that is right for you and at your pace, building on your strengths and reaching your potential in whichever ways you choose that to be.

My job is a privilege.

People share their deepest desires and fears with me and tell me things that they may not even share with their partners or best friends.

I am there to say "you deserve balance.... a lifestyle that makes you happy... career or business success... to not live in fear that you are not worthy or capable".

It is hard work (for both parties) but on the other side is a life that is more aligned to who you really are and a confidence that you are on the path you are meant to tread..

Let's talk

If you have any more questions about coaching I have a FAQs page on my site or drop me a message.


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