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Nat Harrison Career and Business Coach P

Hello, I am Nat!

Hi, I am Nat and I absolutely love my career as a career and business coach and facilitator and I really enjoy the challenge and satisfaction running my own businesses.

I used to work for a big investment bank in technology as a programme and project manager and whilst I greatly enjoyed my career, it was all-encompassing and exhausting and I got to the point when I absolutely needed to make a career change.


I made that transition over 10 years ago and it's been a great success.


I absolutely love helping people who are feeling unfulfilled or stuck, to create a working life that they love and one that gives them a lifestyle that they desire.​ 

Here are a few reasons to consider
me to be your career or business coach:

My Approach:

I take a holistic approach and every session is defined by you and totally focused on your goals.


I am supportive, honest, logical and systematic 

(it’s the project manager in me!).

I want to help you make changes and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

My Passion:

I have always been ambitious and achieved my career goals. I had a fantastic 15-year career at Investment Bank JPMorgan.

I successfully changed careers and now run 2 thriving businesses (Ayama Coaching and Hive Collective).


I know how to succeed in the corporate world, how to change career smoothly and how to run a business and I am really passionate about helping others do the same. 


I believe 100% in the power of coaching and so do my clients, as you can see from my client's reviews.

My Experience:

 I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) PCC level accredited coach and I have over a 1000 client hours.


I also complete CPD (continued personal development) and keep up to date on the latest techniques in coaching.

believe they deserve to be happier

I often hear, "I feel overwhelmed", " I am really stressed". "I am too busy to be able to make a decision about what next" 


I can help you get re-energised and refocused about your career - that may mean a job change, promotion, change in career or helping you to design a more flexible work-life.


I had a very enjoyable 15-years career is a Vice President in a Bank, but the hours, and stress were damaging my health and I knew I deserved a better lifestyle - you do too

Nat Harrison Career and Business Coach w

I work with people who ...

don't want their confidence to keep holding them back

I know imposter syndrome inside out - I come from a working class family and was brought up in a single parent family on a council estate.


The odds were probably against me obtaining a masters degree in Nuclear Physics and becoming a Vice President in The City of London but I have never let where I come from or lack of self belief hold me back.


I know how crippling self-doubt and feeling like an imposter can be and how to overcome your old beliefs. Helping my clients have fulfilled careers or successful businesses and improving their self-worth is where my true purpose lies. 

have done their corporate time and
now want more meaning in life

As we grow older, our quest for more meaning in life increases. That may mean I help you work out how to spend more time with your family (as a busy mum of 2 young boys, I know how important this is), or help you define your true life-purpose where what you do is totally aligned to your whole being - this is the way I feel and every working day is joyous!

always wanted to do their own thing

I think I always knew I wanted to work for myself - don't ask me why but lucky for me and you, it's becoming more possible, Maybe your a freelancer, a maker, or a mumpreneur, I can help you, I am also a co-founder of a buzzing business network in East London called Hive Collective and run a monthly business coaching group - The Next Level.

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