Nat Harrison Career and Business Coach 3


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a goal specific and personally-tailored approach to personal and professional development. There is usually a desire to change or improve something about yourself or your life and the coaching process enables the you to evaluate where you are now, gain clarity on what you would like to achieve in the future and assist you in working out how to get there.

What sorts of topics can you work on with a coach?

The answer is pretty much anything! As a Career and Business coach I tend to work on the following topics but that doesn't stop us doing a bit of life coaching and helping you have better relationships too.

  • Job Hunting, writing an awesome CV, Preparing for Interviews
  • Career Decisions/Career Progression/Career Change
  • Professional confidence and self-esteem
  • Starting and growing your own business
  • Improving your business acumen (vision, strategy, planning, marketing, staffing etc.)
  • Dealing with difficult situations/people/conflict in general
  • Planning your return to work after maternity/paternity leave

What does a coach do?

  • Enable you to identify and establish realistic goals
  • Listen unconditionally and non-judgementally to you
  • Act as a sounding board for you to voice your aspirations and fears
  • Challenge you to step outside your comfort zone
  • Encourage and motivate you to take action and accelerate that action
  • Provides you with support and keeps you focused on your goals

How long are the coaching sessions?

Usually about an hour but it's your coaching and so we will work however you would like. You can buy a 6 or 10 hour bundle of sessions and use my time however you would like. Mock interviews need to be 90 to allow time to get through all the questions and debrief.

How many coaching sessions will you need?

This varies and depends how many goals you would like to work on. When working with one specific goal e.g. changing your career, it usually takes about three sessions to gain clarity on what you do want and have taken some steps toward that, you then may go on to have another 3 sessions to help you work out how to execute your career change and update your CV, define a job search process or how best to use your network.

I often work with career progressors once a month so they buy a bundle of 10 sessions to use over the course of a year.

How often are coaching sessions?

As often as you like providing you have enough time between sessions to complete your actions. Mostly

I usually work with clients weekly or biweekly to begin with and then less frequently as they start to see results.

What if I am unable to attend a session?

Please try to give as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend a session.

Notice of less than 48 business hours may be charged at full price as it’s unlikely your slot will be filled at short notice but you are welcome to move your session any time up to 48 hours beforehand.

What about confidentiality?

The sessions are completely confidential and will only be discussed with a supervisor or peer colleagues if it would benefit the work we are doing together, however there is no need to disclose your name or personal details in these discussions.

Are online and face to face sessions available?

Coaching can be face to face, online via Zoom or Skype or over the phone depending on your location and preference.


Face to face sessions take place at the following locations:

  • East London: The Peterhouse Centre: 122 Forest Rise, Upper Walthamstow Rd, Walthamstow, E17 3PW
  • Canary Wharf: The Marriot Hotel, 22 Hertsmere Rd, West India Quay, E14 4ED
  • The City of London (EC1,EC2,EC3,EC4): Threadneedles Hotel, 5 Threadneedle St, EC2R 8AY
  • West End: Granger & Co, Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AG



What Topics are covered in Career/Executive Coaching?

Most commonly the topic is getting a new job or identifying a new career and often there is a focus on improving confidence or having better life balance. Many clients want to work on their career goals, get help with their evaluation process, position themselves for a promotion or improve their skills. Leadership, management, team building, commuication and negotiation skills can all be covered in coaching.

Can my company pay for my Executive Coaching?

Yes they can and if they are happy for you to organise it privately, without entering into a triparty corporate coaching contract, then the fees are the same as if you were paying for it yourself.

What is Outplacement Coaching and how does it work?

Outplacement coaching is often part of a redundancy package to help you find another job. In the coaching we will create a real, actionable plan for you that helps you cope psychologically, but also ensures you’re looking for your next job with the right mindset, strategy, and skills, which maximises your chances of a quick success. Practical advice on CVs, job search and interview skills are also part of the package.

How many Coaching sessions will I need?

Job Hunters usually require 3 session, to cover job search strategy, CV review and interview preparation. Career change coaching usually needs another 3 sessions to help you explore your career choices and help you to get clarity on your next steps. Career progression and promotion coaching often works well if you have monthly sessions to help you to identify and execute your career path plan.

What is First 90 days Coaching?

When you join a new company, the first 3 months are really important - it's how you set out your stall for your future career in the company.



What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching can be on any aspect of your business from vision, goals, strategy, customer profiles, competitor analysis, social media, website, branding, marketing, sales.

Business coaching may also involved personal development as you, as a business owner may hold your business back if you don't overcome any limiting beliefs, saboeteurs or confidence issues.

What do Business Coaches do?

We help you to take a step back and see your business from a high-level view. Then we can look objectively at what your goals are and set an action plan how to achevement them. Lots of businesses use a coach for accountability too, to make sure they realise the changes that they want to see in their business. Also, it means you are not alone in your business - you have someone with no motive or judgement who you can bounce ideas off.

What are the Benefits of working a Business Coach?

- You work 'on' your business as well as 'in' it. - You will prioritise on what will make the most sense for the business' bottom line - You can work on your time-management and areas for development as a business owner - You will grow your business and become more successful.