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Being a Business Owner or Freelancer allows you lots of freedom but it can also be lonely and alienating...

  ... Work with a business coach so you don't have to  do it all alone 

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Is it time to have a successful business that works for you and your lifestyle?

Nat Harrison on a London Hive Collective

Running your own business or thinking about starting one? 

Need someone to guide you through the overwhelm?

Want someone to share your ideas with, who can help you get focused and make decisions?

You would like to ramp things up a bit and
take your business to the next level?

How I can help?

You don't have to do it alone!

I started my business nearly a decade ago and still remember that feeling of complete bewilderment when it came to creating a brand, building a website and where to even start with accounts or marketing!


Then there are different stages that small businesses go through and there are different tools, methods and ways for each stage but all businesses benefit from the personalised approach they receive from me and what differentiates coaching from standard business advice is that it helps you to come to your own decisions and do things your way.

I am not going to tell you, you need to break into a specific market or sector if that's of no interest to you - that's a waste of yours and my time, but I am there to push you a little outside your comfort zone if I see you are playing it small, when you could have a successful business you are proud of. 

If you don't feel you are ready for a coach yet, then why not come along to a one of the business networking events I produce and host and get to know me better. 

In 2016, I co-founded the creative business network Hive Collective with photographer Carmel King.

We run fun and informal monthly meetups and quarterly events with inspiring guest speakers.

We also run workshops on Business Vision and Goal Setting, Social Media Strategy and Sales

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I am also a business coach for CIC Creative United and worked with many small creative businesses as part of the Forge business development programme which ran in Waltham Forest in 2018-2020

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Small Businesses are a great way to  make your impact on the World

Nat Harrison Career and Business Coach 0

When you first start to think about setting up your business, there is so much to think about, not least how do you transition from being an employee to working for yourself and all the mindset changes that go along with that. 

I will support you through this phase, give you advice and tips on the practicalities of running business and signpost you where to access help quickly, so that you can cut to the chase and get on with what you are good at.  


I have worked with many different types of businesses from photographers to furniture designers to coaches and I find every one of them fascinating! I love working with small businesses and seeing people who are so passionate about what they do. 


We can work in a structured over 3 sessions on your Vision, Goals and Strategy or Brand, Marketing and Sales or start with where you want to get to and plan out how to get there. My longer term clients benefit of a monthly session to make sure they are pushing themselves to achieve their business goals 

Nat Harrison on a Business Networking Ev

Running your own business can be very isolating and having a network brings all sorts of benefits, not least potential clients and customers to your door.

Come to one of Hive Collective's quarterly events, monthly meets, regular workshops or join our business success group The Next Level

Image by Laura Olsen

Nat’s business coaching has helped me refocus on areas

that I had become a little blind to whilst trying to navigate a difficult period

prior to and during the Covid crisis.


She is able to take a step back, assess your business with fresh eyes and

from a different point of view. She will point out areas where things can be improved whilst also pointing out your strengths and skill sets that

you may also have become blind to.


Nat does this in an encouraging, motivating way. She gives you the lift  you may need after trying to handle things on your own. She brought my mojo back!


I thoroughly recommend her.

SEAN PINES, Photographer

It's time for a change...

Turn your side hussle into a profitable business and work on your own terms
Live your values and have a business that makes a difference
Reconnect with your passion and take your business to the next level

Do you often feel you are juggling too much?

I can help you see the bigger picture, get
clarity and prioritise your business activities 

 Each business 

is at a different stage

has a unique vision

is on a personal journey

After an initial evaluation of your current position and challenges we'll have a chat about your goals and desired achievements.

 Coaching sessions are completely tailored to your business needs.

Have a silent partner

who is always in your corner and has your back!

Notebooks and Pens

I had a brilliant session with Nat, and I appreciated her high-quality coaching and impartial but encouraging approach. She helped me to set long-term business and life goals and we tackled head-on some self-imposed barriers that were holding me back.


Nat’s a great listener and excellent at ‘unblocking’, she helped me convert problems into solutions and to re-frame some of my issues and consider ways to tackle them head-on.

I would highly recommend Nat’s services.



Ad-Hoc Session

  • One-off session to get clarity on your business vision

  • Goal setting session

  • Session to get help you with decision making or planning 

  • Regular business review Session

90 minute Intensive

  • Business start up advice and action plan 

  • Business strategy definition

  • A full business evaluation

  • Website review and SEO analysis

  • Competitor analysis and USP

3 Session Bundle

  • Detailed coaching on your vision, goals and strategy

  • Clarity on your banding, marketing plan and sales strategy

  • Build your business confidence and overcome your blockers to success

Not sure what would work for you? 
Get in touch and l can advise you
how you can make the best use of me.

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