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Your Guide To Researching Career Change Options

As a career coach, I work with clients who are feeling stuck and unhappy in their current job or are going through the challenges of identifying and transitioning into a new career.

There are lots of practical and tangible actions on the client's part, and my job is really to hold the space for them and allow them to dream and consider all possible options, whilst keeping fear at bay.

Let's talk about how I do that using exploration, self - reflection & action

I start by reflecting on a client's interests and skills. I have a set of pre-coaching exercises to help with this, and some clients opt to take fun personality or strengths tests to get greater insight.

Next, we dive into researching different career options that align with their interests and skills. We use job descriptions, salary info, and required qualifications and intuition to help them narrow down their options.

I am there to handhold and support my client through what is often a scary and hard process.

If we are talking about a career change, then researching and using your network are crucial steps.

I recommend reaching out to people from all the different fields you are interested in, preferably within your network or through friends of friends, and asking them a set of questions to gain diverse insights.

If you are thinking about a change, here are some questions you can ask

Begin by asking them about their typical day at work - what activities do they do? Where do they work and who with? How busy are they? What are their clients like?

Then, inquire about the pros and cons of their job. Maybe ask for three of each.

If they made a transition from a corporate career or a different vocation, ask them what they miss about it.

Find out about their experience during the transition process. What would they do differently if they had to do it again?

Did they have support from a mentor or career coach or any other form of support that was useful, including financial? How did they find it?

What else should you consider?

You will also want to explore salary expectations or get an idea of how different careers and jobs align with your salary expectations.

Collecting information from various sources will give you a diverse range of insights and guide you in making an informed decision about your next career move.

The sooner you reach out and start building your network of contacts in your new field or sector, the more it will pay off in your next career life.


The more informed you are about the career and you can see yourself doing it, the more likely you will be able to demonstrate an authentic passion for it, which makes hiring managers more inclined to take a risk on you.

Life is about constant change, so wherever you are on your change journey, I wish you a smooth and easy ride. If you're thinking about changing your job, or are already beginning the process and would like some extra support, then book a free consultation with me here to see how I can help you along the way.


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