Alistair had a very successful career at a well known high street estate agency and was ready for the next step up. He decided to pay for a professional CV writer to ensure his job search was highly effective. He got interviews for all the jobs he applied for and was successfully offered a job at a company he had always wanted to work for


Nat wrote me one of the best CVs. Every time I went to interview everyone was very complimentary and said it was one of the best they have seen. Her knowledge and experience, in my opinion, is second to none! I now am about to start my new dream job! All I can say is thank you”


Joe was pretty unhappy with his job in one of Canary Wharf's banks (it was a career that he had fallen into) so when a redundancy opportunity came up, he jumped at the chance and invested in some career change coaching to help him decide what it was he actually wanted to do and how to manage his career transition. These days he is a reporter for one of the national daily newspapers and really enjoying himself.

"Nat helped me to identify what I needed to work on to make myself more of a marketable asset. We worked on my confidence, my interview technique and the transferable skills that would be of relevance in my new career. She gave me practical advice on my CV and showed me how to improve the outlay and wording of it to help catch the eye of anyone reading it. Everything we worked on primed me for my next step, and with her help, I felt much more confident and prepared prior to going for an interview. Going to see a career coach is one of the best decisions I’ve made."


After many years working for a large national organisation, Lisa decided to take the plunge and set up her own consultancy. She decided to work with a coach to help her navigate the initial stages of her business Start up and ensure she remained creative and productive. 

“Nat’s coaching was ideal for helping me face the evolving issues I was facing after leaving the security of the corporate world behind.  The issues we focused on ranged from strategic planning for my business, maintaining creativity, to building confidence for networking and business development.  Working through the issues with Nat, I was able to regain my focus and confidence when facing doubts and work out practical ways to take control of the challenges.  The strength of her approach is that it is responsive to your situation, fluid and relaxed, but also focused on achieving clear outcomes to help you move forward.  It can be tough being a first-time entrepreneur, and having a coaching programme targeted to help has been invaluable in keeping the business (and me) on track” 


After a very successful career as a relationship manager at a financial services firm, Roshni decided to take a career break to spend more time with her 2 children. 4 years later she wasn't sure what she would like to do long term or how best to return to the workplace - it all felt a little overwhelming, so she decided to get help with her CV, Linked In and returner programme applications.

“After a 4-year career break, I felt like I was ready to get back on track with my career but it felt a little overwhelming so I decided to seek help from Nat"





Simon is a career progressor. He came to coaching with a goal to have a better work-life balance, and the skills gained through coaching have enabled him to be more efficient, focus on what matters and delegate more, freeing him up to really progress his career. Since Simon started coaching 2 years ago, he has moved companies and been promoted xxx times.

"I decided to work with a coach, as I was looking for a way to get more enjoyment out of my career and to find the elusive work-life balance that everyone talks about. The sessions I've had with Nat have transformed my ability to balance a challenging and rewarding career with home-life. Nat is an outstanding coach and is great at knowing when to help you find your own solutions and when to offer advice. If you've never tried coaching before - you couldn't do better than getting in touch with Nat"


After several months of applying fruitlessly for roles for which Graeme was ably experienced and capable, he decided to seek some guidance on his CV and job search. Within 1 month of his coaching sessions, he had 2 job offers on the table.

“We Initially discussed my career background, professional goals and a little of my personality, to understand what direction I wanted to go in, and how I could best present that to prospective employers. Nat reviewed my current CV and a job spec for a role I wanted and offered clear guidance for improvement, including how I could differentiate myself. As an experienced corporate professional herself, she was able to offer advice on the hiring processes at multinationals and how best to catch their attention.


Nat has a positive attitude to the career-building process, and that definitely rubs off. The focus on my achievements and strengths improved my confidence after months of difficulties. What Nat provides is a dedicated and personalised approach (the improvements to my CV were almost a by-product of this process), she helped me to better understand my core competencies, motivations and the value I had created in past roles, and how to approach each prospective role with renewed vigour."


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