What They Say

“Nat did an amazing job in helping me find my next role. She helped me re-write my CV so that it was up-to-date for today’s job market and also helped me with my LinkedIn profile. I was able to run prospective job descriptions past her and on receiving an interview request was able to prep with Nat in a 1 hour session which really helped me. I got the first job I interviewed for! I’m delighted with my new role and can’t thank Nat enough for her expertise, advice and support. I would definitely recommend Nat if you are looking for your next role. Thank you Nat!”

– Business Analyst, London

“Having run my business successfully for 4 years I realised that I was no longer meeting my goals, child-professions-12-pict
my wife suggested meeting with Nathalina, which I’m glad I did, in the first hour she helped me to have another perspective on our situation, gave some great ideas, it was really useful to have an outside person to bounce ideas off and who could give that impartial alternative perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nathalina.”

– Richard Hunwick, www.nolettinggo.co.uk

“My career was going well but I did not have a healthy work/life balance as I was working long hours but also spent a lot of my free time thinking about work and I had difficulties sleeping due to stress which did not help. I also felt that things in life that should be (more) enjoyable, like a weekend trip or friends/family visiting, became something I had to do, it became a part of my ever growing to do list. I had never tried coaching before but felt I needed help to change the route my life was taking so I reached out to Nathalina. I have worked with her for a few months and it has really made a change, I feel more in control of my time and my life and take more pleasure in doing things. I have also learnt to say no more, both at work and private which saves me time. My confidence has improved and I spend less time focusing on things I have done wrong or are not good enough. I have turned some focus away from me (like my negative thoughts) and instead I focus more on others more which helps me feel more in control. I would recommend everyone to see a coach and my only regret is I did not do it sooner. For me Nathalina was a great match and she gave me practical examples I could apply immediately. I would highly recommend her.”

 – Nina, Client Relationship Manager, City of London Institution

“I met Nathalina during the period when I tried to reset my goals. While my focus has been on my career for machild-professions-12-pictny years, I had struggled to incorporate work-life balance, causing stress and over-exhaustion. Our workshops and exercises (and homework!) helped me to implement an overall strategy that worked for 

me 24/7, at work and at home. As a result, I was able to take on additional responsibility in the office, managed to pursue my personal interests in the developing FinTech sector, as well as dedicated more time to health and well-being. Nathalina’s techniques teach you how to rely on your strengths and make time work for you. It has been a great journey of self-discovery that landed me in the place of confidence, success and satisfaction.

 – Business Manager, Tier 1 UK Bank, London

“Coaching with Nathalina has been a great experience. I was going through a difficult time at my work and was feeling stuck in my career. Through various techniques and practical exercises, Nathalina helped me to improve my self-confidence and focus, not only at my workplace but also in my personal life. She did a great job of really listening to me, putting me at ease and helping me to believe in my strengths. All this made a big difference in my life and I’ve since moved on to new job which I love.  Thank you Nathalina!!”

– PS, Healthcare, London

“Nathalina helped me to identify what I needed to work on to make myself more of a marketable asset. We worked on my confidence, my interview technique and she helped me to identify transferable skills that would be of relevance in my new career. She gave me practical advice on my CV and showed me how to improve the outlay and wording of it to help catch the eye of anyone reading it. Everything we worked on primed me for my next step, and with her help I felt much more confident and prepared prior to going for an interview. Going to see a career coach is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it.

– Joe, Investment Banker Transitioning to Journalism, London

“I found the coaching sessions extremely helpful. I was at a bit of low point, having had a recent health scare and having become rather stuck in my career. The coaching sessions really helped to both clarify where I wanted to go career-wise and to get me back on track in terms of building up confidence and finding ways of dealing with some of the soft skills (decision-making, negotiation etc). Nathalina had come highly recommended and it was great to have someone so sensible and understanding to go through things with.  The sessions and exercises have made a big difference.”

– Philippa, Analyst, Investment Bank, London

“After working in the banking industry for 8 years, I was looking to move into something which gives me an opportunity to give something back to society, but I was unable to decide what to do. That’s when I reached out to Nathalina. She was able to expertly guide me to what my goal was and help me with my career path. I would strongly suggest Nathalina to anyone looking for professional guidance.” 

– V Gupta, Business Analyst, Investment Bank, London

“I  recently decided to take a new direction in my career and found Nathalina’s coaching incredibly helpful. She supported me through the process of identifying what was important to me so I could really focus on the options available. At the point where a move looked possible Nathalina again supported me through the process of making the decision. When the job offer came through I was able to accept it in a really positive frame of mind because I knew I had really thought about what it would entail, Big change isn’t easy but I feel that I am going into the next stage of my career having really got to the bottom of what will make me happy now”

– Jane, Marketing Consultant, London

Nathalina’s coaching was ideal for helping me face the evolving issues and personal challenges I was facing as a first time entrepreneur.  The specific issues we focused on ranged from strategic planning for the business, maintaining creativity, to building confidence for networking and business development.  Working through the issues with Nathalina, I was able to regain my focus and confidence when facing doubts, and work out practical ways to take control of the challenges.  The strength of her approach is that it is responsive to your situation, fluid and relaxed, but also focused on achieving clear outcomes to help you move forward.  Starting a business is very tough, and having a coaching programme targeted to help has been invaluable in keeping the business (and me) on track” 

– Lisa Groves, Owner Flock Collective, London

“Nathalina was introduced to me via a friend – at just the right time. I was going through a very difficult period, not knowing how to go forward with my business– one that had been in my mind for years. There was a lot of mess in my life at that time meaning it was hard to focus on moving forward. The sessions with Nathalina allowed me to understand where I wanted to go and to take the steps to get there. I was able to set goals, short term, and medium to long term and to properly articulate what I was offering and how I wanted to go about it. This all helped to clarify my thoughts and processes. Crucially, I was also able to deal with my confidence issues which were holding me back”

– Christian Smith, Founder of inclusi, London

I turned to Coaching after a period of work related stress that I was allowing feed into every aspect of my life. This became unmanageable and it started to negatively impact the quality of my work, how I felt about myself, my relationship with my partner, family and friends. Nathalina is a superb coach– she helped me focus on what was important to me in order to achieve a balanced life. She empowered me to focus on the positives and encouraged me to believe in my strengths and my abilities. What surprised me about coaching is that once I started dealing with one problem, my head started to feel clearer and it made the challenge of dealing with all my other problems easier. Coaching helped me identify the underlying root causes to the problems that I was facing, and it allowed me to take the time to identify the triggers that were adding to my stress and provided me with mechanisms for coping. As a result of my coaching sessions I feel that I am a much more balanced person, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead and fully embrace life.”

– Sarah, Management Consultant, London

Quite simply turned my life around. I started these sessions with my confidence at the lowest level I have been in my life. I now have a new job, and feel a million times happier about my future and how to deal with problems that come my way. I would highly recommend both coaching and Nathalina.

– Sarah, IT Manager, Investment Bank, London

Nathalina is an exceptional coach mixing a rare blend of empathy, strong listening skills and deep coaching knowledge. Nathalina’s key skill is her ability to make the person being coached feel at ease and in doing so draw out the key areas of improvement. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nathalina to anyone wanting to make significant improvements in their personal and business life.

– Head of Sales EMEA, Financial Services, London

“Nathalina’s approach to interview coaching was warm and friendly.  She instantly put me at ease and was patient and thoughtful in the way she ran the session.”

– Solicitor, City of London Practice, London