About Me

Hello, I am Nathalina and I am Career and Business Coach working mainly in East London, Canary Wharf and The City. I guess you are asking yourself why pick me as your Coach? Well, here are some reasons:

Nat-281. My Approach: I take a holistic approach and every session is defined by you and totally focussed on your goals. I am direct, logical and systematic (it’s the project manager in me!), and I want to help you make changes and achieve your goals as quickly as possible. I truly believe we can all have careers that fulfil us and still have time for the even better stuff – it’s about prioritising what’s important to us and actively working to achieve a balance.

2. My Passion: I became interested in the power of coaching after seeing other colleagues careers rocket whilst working with a coach, and really wanting to help those who become victims of the highly pressured, ever-changing working world we find ourselves in. I believe 100% in the power of coaching, and so do my clients, as you can see from the What They Say page. My aim is to empower you to identify and achieve your goals, so you enjoy and excel in your career and you are happy and fulfilled in life. If we finish our coaching engagement and you understand more about your purpose in the world and you are on your way to achieving your dreams and ambitions, then I am fulfilled as a coach. Seeing results makes me happy and even more passionate about my job.

3. My Qualifications: I am an International Coaching Federation (ICFAccredited Coach and a member of the ICF, which is the largest Coaching body. I graduated from an ICF accredited training course and I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner. I regularly attend training and conferences both with the ICF and Association for Coaching (AC) to ensure I am up to date on the latest coaching techniques and coaching research. I have hundreds of hours of coaching experiencelargely working with individuals from City of London institutions and also people from a range of backgrounds (marketing execs, engineers, freelancers, NHS workers, teachers, charity professionals). I have coached on a variety goals (e.g. promotion, career change, interview performance, work-life balance) and over 50% of my clients would like to improve their confidence.

4. My Background: I have a corporate background and I successfully changed my career! I had a accomplished 15 year career working as an IT  Project Manager for an Investment Bank. I started transitioning to be a coach in 2007 after taking a career sabbatical to travel around the world and worked out that what I really wanted to do was help others. You can find out more about my career history on my Linked In page.

It this all makes sense to you, then please do get in touch.

Warm wishes